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Safety & Security First
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To ensure proper duty, only the finest guards are recruited what is New Bitmap Imageviagra used for by a competent recruiting team headed by an experienced officer. This cialis side effects recruitment is carried out based on age, education, physical and mental fitness. Preference is given to ex-servicemen, ex-BDR, ex-police and other para military organization, Special care is taken while recruiting these personnel. A thorough background check is carried out. The character and buy levitra online usa antecedent are verified through local phentermine canadian pharmacy Govt and Police authority. Then these recruits are sent to Training viagra vs cialis vs levitra reviews Establishment set up under the responsibility of companies own to attain highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct in the security industry. The training establishment is run by a group of well-trained instructors.

All our guards are trained to respond to emergency situations in every scenario. GRENADIERS places great emphasis not only on our initial training programs but also on continuous training throughout their time with us. By investing in continuous training and development programs our guards are specially trained to resolve delicate situations and handle sensitive negotiations.


Candidates while enrollment undergoes a medical checkup. Only those who are found fit are sent to training establishment. The employed personnel are also medically checked at an interval.


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