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Safety & Security First
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The company being a professional security organization offers the following services:

a. Guarding Service. The company provides highly trained and smartly turned out guards to render the following guard duties:

(1) Gate/Entrance Control. Control and monitor the movement of the visitors, staffs, vehicles and materials.

(2) Reception. After proper screening the visitors are guided to the correct place.

(3) Patrol Duty. A small group of guards shall patrol the key points at an interval to prevent all sorts of theft, loss and sabotage.

(4) VIP Escorts. Provides armed and unarmed physical protection and escorts the VIPs.

(5) Movement of Valuables. Escorting valuable materials from place to place.

(6) Security of Events/Ceremonies. Provides reception, screening and control of the guests/visitors in an organized function/meeting.

b. Electronic Security System.

(1) CCTV. You need a €œthird eye€ system to check and control certain thing covertly. The company provides third eye by means of CCTV (the monitor, the recorder and a multiplexer).

(2) Electronic Access Control. The system offers selective control of who goes where and when. This system limits entrance and exit to those who have been authorized for a secured area.

c. Cash Carrying Service. Considering the deteriorating law and order situation and increase of crime, the company has the provision of transporting cash and valuables within the country under armed escort. The cash trunks, pouches and bags are firmly secured and harnessed to the body of the vehicle to protect any theft or snatching.

d. Scramble Team. The GRENADIERS desires to promote the security feelings amongst all specially the Foreigners, Embassies/High Commission and Multinational Companies. A quick action team equipped with modem equipment will go into action at a short notice on any personal attack, accident and fire.

e. Security Consultancy. The company has the experts to design, plan and formulate security systems, procedures and standard for the customers.


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